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Футболка для мальчика Граффити

Арт.: 34о-191-2
740 р.
370 р.
выгода 370 р. или 50%
  • Ткань
    100% хлопок
  • Марка
    95% - хлопок, 5% - спандекс
product 2018-11-15 http://miopiccolo.ru/products/34o-191
okan 15 ноября 2018 - 16:09
I would like to state that the graphics on of your products (http://www.miopiccolo.ru) belong to myself.




Shutterstock link belonging to the product;


You can access to the relevant products and my portfolio on this link;


The products have been spotted on your internet sales web site, and they have been purchased online.

Besides, it has been found out that no payment is done commercially when the products' payment performance is inspected.

Unfair income has been obtained miopiccolo about my relevant products.

You can see the date and tag information on the visual above to prove that the relevant graphics belong to myself.

Both I and shutterstock don't accept the fach that the very same graphics are used in your products.

You can access to shutterstock usage conditions, legal regulations and punishments on the link below.

at the same time the united states of America are on my tax forms.

The design date of creation is attached.


On the link below; you can find out about the compensation unless any kind of agreement is achieved.


The relevant topic has been taken under record by my lawyer. I will inform all your sales partners and protest from social media

If no agreement is done, I will legally seek for my rights and inform shutterstock about the topic. It will be useful if you check the punishments on the licensed products.

I would like to state that I feel disturbed by the deeds of miopiccolo which I closely follow. I demand payment by yourself because of the fact that you received unfair income by using my graphics on your products without my notice.

I also have an agreement with the law firm pixsy.com.I don't want to sue you, make me an offer.

I demand 1.000 euro agreement payment to deliver the usage rights of the relevant graphics to miopiccolo considering the product costs.

All sales partners will be notified if you do not pay.

Otherwise, the legal procedure will be starte